Freshman Interest Groups

What is a FIG?

Meet the Instructors and Peer Mentors

"Serving as a FIGs staff member has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. I am continuing to learn more and more about each of the members of our FIG, and they have in turn helped me learn a lot about myself. ..."

"I was in the science FIG this last semester and just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was. It really helped me having classes with the other students and it really helped me make good friends. ..."

"FIGs has changed my perspective and direction in life by affording me the rare joy and privilege of touching the lives of three generations of freshmen. During my years as a staff member, I have developed into a confident mentor through the realization that ..."

"The research is clear, undergraduate students who attach themselves to a campus group enjoy their college experience more, do better academically and are more likely to graduate on time than those students who do not ..."

"I absolutely loved being a peer mentor for the FIGs program. I got to know and develop relationships with eight wonderful students while serving as a mentor for them as they successfully transitioned into college life. ... "

Freshman Interest Groups is a unique program for freshmen that extends learning from the classroom to the residential hall. A FIG consists of a group of 10-15 students that take 2-3 courses together, and enroll in COLL-X111, a one-credit seminar that is built around a common theme. The FIGs Seminar is a small discussion-based course in which you develop skills that enhance academic achievement and discover how disciplines relate to one another. Each seminar creates a rich educational experience with the help of specially selected and trained graduate students that serve as Seminar Instructors.

All students in your FIG also live in the same residential hall and have an undergraduate Peer Mentor that attends the seminar, resides on your floor, and engages you in outside-of-class activities related to the theme of the FIG.

FIGs are being discontinued at the end of this year and will not be available for the Fall 2010 semester.  We apologize for any inconvenience.