Freshman Interest Groups

What are Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs)?

FIGs is a unique program that places freshmen students into a cluster of 2 or 3 core courses based around a theme - like “Exploring Psychology,” “So, You Want to Be a Science Major” or “Taking Care of Business" -- and is designed thematically to take advantage of possible content connections, and to help students explore academic and career interests. In addition to the thematically linked courses, each FIG includes a 1 credit seminar (COLL-X111) that is taught by a graduate Seminar Instructor (SI). This FIGs seminar is a small discussion-based course in which a student can develop skills that enhance academic achievement and discover how disciplines relate to one another, creating a richer educational experience. FIG students also live in the same residential hall and have an undergraduate Peer Mentor, that attends the seminar, resides on their floor, and engages students in outside of class activities related to the theme of the FIG.

Our goal for the FIGs program is to provide an integrated experience for freshmen that encourages them to make connections between courses, among their peers, with their faculty, and with other resources on campus. One of the keys to meeting our goal is strengthening the connection between the FIGs program and the professors who teach the core courses that makeup the FIG.